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v1.4.6: Bug fixes

NOTE - this website has nothing to do with any of my puzzles. You do not need to register on this site to complete those. This is an optional tool.

Welcome to Geocache Hider.
This website allows you to save locations (in the form of GPS coordinates) from your desktop computer, then recall those locations from the field using your smart phone's browser. You can access maps and notes about potential hide locations.

The basic idea looks something like this:
  • Pre-investigate locations using Google Maps, GIS data, etc.
  • Save locations that look good, including any notes you might want to write to yourself (stay close to the sidewalk, don't go near the xyz, etc).
  • When in the field, use your smart phone to pull up your maps and notes. This is helpful because you can have dozens of locations saved, but not really remember the one in particular that you are visiting.
The whole concept intends to give tools to geocache hiders. There is no shortage of tools for geocache finders, but not a lot for hiding. I felt myself needing something like this to keep track of all of my potential hides, so I made it!

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Geocache Hider v1.4.6
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