Welcome to KidFriendly

These are our Minecraft servers, our hope is to give kids a friendly place to play with their friends. To play, choose the mode you wish to play on and use the server:port listed to connect in multiplayer.

On all servers, the rules are: no swearing/bullying or destroying others' structures. Keep it clean and friendly. The admins are bnelson333 and KandiceMN.

IMPORTANT - To protect your structures, you should set up protection on a region. Click here to learn how.

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NEW - We are retiring our old Vanilla/Forge servers and focusing only on Spigot servers.

Minecraft has a tendency to tell you in-game that the server is offline, try to connect anyway!
StatusServerDescriptionTypeVersionInstalled ModsServer Address:
OFFLINE Spigot SurvivalSpigot Survival Spigot1.12.2N/Abnelson333.ddns.net:25565
OFFLINE Spigot CreativeSpigot Creative Spigot1.12.2N/Abnelson333.ddns.net:25566
OFFLINE 1.13 SurvivalVanilla Survival Vanilla1.13N/Abnelson333.ddns.net:25567
OFFLINE 1.13 CreativeVanilla CreativeVanilla1.13N/Abnelson333.ddns.net:25568

Not sure how to connect?

Step 1
Launch Minecraft and go into Multiplayer

Step 2
Click on Add Server

Step 3
Give your server a name and Server Address (see above for the addresses for our servers) and click Done

Step 4
Click on the triangle to open that server

Server Configuration

Server 1 - Main Server
Spigot v1.8.8
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.00 GHz

Server 2 - Development Server
Spigot v1.8.8
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.40 GHz

Servers run MineOS on Turnkey Linux. This is a really great distribution for hosting a Minecraft server, I strongly recommend it.